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Non-Surgical Weight Loss in Burleson, TX

Have you spent months or even years trying different exercises and diets, only to be frustrated with your results? When stubborn fat around your belly, arms, or legs just won’t go away no matter how hard you try, turn to the specialists at Burleson Family Medical Center.

While there are many types of non-surgical weight loss in Burleson, TX, we have found that the most effective method is Lipo-Light, which we offer in our office. Because there is no anesthesia or scalpels involved, you can be in and out of the office in no time—all without any recovery time. So call to set up a consultation to see if our non-surgical fat reduction process is right for you.

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction in Burleson, TX

How Does Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Work?

Does liposuction, the lap band surgery, or other invasive fat reduction procedures seem too extreme? At our medical day spa, we have a staff that focuses on your overall wellbeing. This means that our weight loss methods aren’t for those who need to lose a large amount of weight, but rather for those who need to get to those hard-to-reach spots that proper diet and exercise won’t reach. Through our non-surgical fat and cellulite reduction procedures, we help you get the most out of your hard work.

Our weight loss process works by putting heat and light on specific parts of the body. The light transmits through the skin and opens up the pores of the fat cells underneath. The fat escapes these cells and then dissipates within the body, leaving the fat cells empty and collapsed. Combined with proper diet and exercise, our non-surgical weight loss technology helps you can slim down a dress size, as well as shape and tone to achieve optimal results.

Cellulite Reduction That Makes You Look and Feel Your Very Best

Many people of all body sizes and shapes suffer from cellulite. No matter how much someone weighs, they always have some fat. Around the buttocks and thighs, this fat pushes against the tissue and causes the skin above it to look dimpled. It’s not a medical condition or dangerous to your health, but we know that many people simply don’t want it anymore. Fortunately, with our cellulite reduction techniques, you can have completely smooth skin. We work to smooth out the fat cells beneath the surface, which fills the dimpled areas. Whether you’re in shorts or want to go to the beach, our services help you feel your most confident.

Contact us today to learn more about our weight loss treatments. We proudly serve patients in and around Burleson, Fort Worth, Crowley, Cleburne, Keene, and Texas.